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第一篇:《一次难忘的经历 英语作文An Unforgettable Experience》

一次难忘的经历 英语作文An Unforgettable Experience

This summer holiday, I went to Dalian with my family. We got there by air. Dalian is a very beautiful and modern city. On the bus, we could see all kinds of buildings which were great.一次难忘的经历英语作文

In the morning, we got to the hotel where we lived. After breakfast, we began to our travel. First we took the bus to the Sea Park. There are so many different kinds of fishes that I couldn’t believe my eyes. We also saw the show of dolphins. Then we had lunch in a restaurant. The seafood which was very famous in China was delicious.

After lunch we went swimming. The sea was blue and beach was golden. We all enjoyed ourselves in the sea. Finally we went back the hotel where we lived. We had a happy day.

In this trip, we also went to some places which were interesting and famous in Dalian, went shopping and so on.

Several days later, we left Dalian。 On our way home, we were very happy。 This was the reason why we didn’t feel tired。 In all, we had a good holiday。一次难忘的经历英语作文

澳门百家乐交流群一次难忘的经历 英语作文2

An Unforgettable Travel

My families plan to visit the interesting place p of Shanghai.We are led to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower ,a famous tourist attraction,which is on every Shanghainese's lips.It is a magnificent building located in Pudong New Area,it is the tallest building,so it's very easy to see this building,even if you are several miles away it.As we get to the high floor of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower,we see the attractive viwswhich includes the Huangpu River through the window.At the moment,l suddenly moved by the builders put their soul and energy to this building and let it be a landmark of this city.

This is the trip l never forget.

As a student ,I don’t have any great event to talk about ,but here I want to share my experience of preparing for the high school entrance examination.

During the first three years of junior school ,we were very happy and free 。But we often heard that Grade 4 would be a hell。 After the final exam of Grade 3 in June, everything blew onto our faces : teachers’ changing , harder and harder texts , terrible pressure and of course the graduate exam 。Where your position was on the listboard became the most important thing in our life 。We had to study hard day and night ,always from 6:00 a。m。 to 1:00 or 2:00 a。m。 the next day。

But I must say that it’s really an unforgettable memory in my life. Under the pressure we lived our life to the fullest, and enjoyed the true interesting things that we may have never cared before. Grade 4 in junior school was a turning point in my life. My attitude to learning, my world outlook and my philosophy of life all changed. I turned to be positive and strong. I also gained many people’s true & pure friendship, both teachers ’ and classmates’. In some way, I like that kind of life, as it taught me many things I’d never learned before. Teachers also helped me a lot. I still can’t forget that my history teacher talked to me until 10:00 p.m. on April 30th, 2003, for my application. My head teacher also encouraged me,

so did my Chinese teacher. I should say, all my teachers worked very hard and always neglected their sleep and meals. Even if some of them were about 50 and often fell ill, they never left us one day .

澳门百家乐交流群The last and greatest challenge was of course the final exam, also my high school entrance exam。 I felt very well and comfortable except my chemistry physics exams。 The result proved that I couldn’t have done worse in them。 But in total, my mark is O。K。 So then I became a student in the best high school of Hubei Province。

We, teachers and students, got together in East Lake Hotel on June 4th, 2003. At the moment of saying goodbye, I felt that my time of junior had gone ,and my senior time was coming .

Today, I looked at my graduate photos again ,and ,I smiled .一次难忘的经历英语作文

He once hesitated ,struggled, feared and doubted, like an ordinary man would do. But he just "stays at the door of fate", as the name of his newly-written book says, and waits till the door opens instead of leaving during the half way. Then there comes a wholly new world where the beautiful dream lies .


Never have I forgotten the experience that I took part in a competition all about

English knowledge。I have been working really hard in the hope of a satisfying

result.For three whole days,I was completely absorbed in the world of

English-novels,exams,speeches,songs,all of it bringing me excitement,surprise and

enjoyment.The feeling of thoroughly concentrating on something was the most wonderful experience.Everyone has an equal chance to make fairy-tales come

true,as well as to get the happiness that is already ready for you。The only thing you

need to do is take the first step,make every effort to pursue what you heartily want

and stick to it。Actually,very little is needed to make a happy life。It is all within

yourself,in your way of thinking,in your way of acting。Some folks go through life一次难忘的经历英语作文

pleased that the glass is half full.Others spend a lifetime complaining that it’s

half-empty.The truth is:There is a glass with a certain volume of liquid in it.From

澳门百家乐交流群there,it’s up to you!

第三篇:《英语作文:一次难忘的经历 An Unforgettable Experience》

An Unforgettable Experience

There are various activities in the college, such as hiking, gathering, competitions and so on. And what impresses me most is my experience of being a volunteer teacher.

I was a freshman when the School of Foreign Languages organized a voluntary activity which aimed at providing children in poor areas with a better education. As a matter of fact, I did not show any interest in this activity, for I thought that I just wasted my time and energy without getting any pay. But finally I followed the trend and went to the interview for a try. To my surprise, I was enrolled as a member of the teaching group. I became quite excited and made up my mind to prepare for the class as well as I could. I read their textbook again and again to make sure that I was familiar with the language points. What’s more, I searched on the Internet for some additional information, which I thought would help me a lot in the class. At that time, I really could not wait to give the lecture.

Fortunately, it didn’t keep me waiting too long。 It was a sunny day。 And we spent almost an hour in the bus。 Although I was tired and sleepy, my enthusiasm overwhelmed my tiredness。 The school is a small place full of various books。 The children there were so lovely that they left me a deep impression。 They keep asking me

questions about study and they were also curious about the college life. I was quite happy surrounded by a group of children.

I really benefit a lot from the unforgettable experience. I realize that money and some material things should not be considered as the most important thing in our life. It is the self-realization that really makes our life meaningful. Although I did not get any material things from this activity, I was very happy for what I did for the children. So I hold that we should not just consider the salary in job-hunting, we should also think about whether the job can bring you spiritual enjoyment or not.





























我把书包翻了个底朝天,又在座位周围找来找去,希望能找到一把直尺。可是奇迹到底没有发生,书包里空空 本文来自高考资源网
































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